A week in the life at the Danceteam office

A week in the life at the Danceteam office

This week one of our Danceteamers Naomi had the chance to peek behind the scenes at the Danceteam office, as she completed her ninth grade work placement. We interviewed Naomi to hear her thoughts on working at Danceteam.

One of our Danceteam captains and newest junior instructors Naomi Adaba has been working hard this week. As a part of her ninth grade work placement, Naomi has taken on various admin tasks at the Danceteam office, including website management, marketing tasks, product inventory, email inquiries and distributing posters. But enough with the prelude, let’s ask Naomi herself what her week has been like!

So Naomi, how do you feel after a week in our shoes? Was it anything like you expected?

“My experience wasn’t what I expected it to be. You would think working at a dance school would be more physically active! I was surprised how much computer work is included in the daily tasks.”

Indeed, in order to keep you guys dancing, several people sit behind their keyboards daily, typing furiously – probably even as you are reading this. But it is not all we do. “My favourite task was definitely teaching demo classes to a huge bunch of school children at School Action Day”, Naomi says. Read more about the day in our blog post about #BeActive here.

Well, if it wasn’t what you expected, was your experience at Danceteam different compared to other work places?

“Working at Danceteam was definitely more relaxed. You have quite a lot of freedom and flexibility in your working schedule. But you can still get all your work done!”

A lot of computer work, but a flexible schedule – sounds quite alright! Would you recommend Danceteam to others looking to complete their work placement?

“I would definitely recommend Danceteam. It’s calm at the office and you can get all your work done. My favourite thing about working here was the great atmosphere.”

Thank you Naomi for your great work this week!

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