Terms and conditions, Danceteam International Oy (“DTI”)

Prices and terms of payment

Prices for our products and services are determined by our price list found on our website. Workshop participation fees vary depending on the event and the price can be found from the event page and the webshop. All prices include VAT.

Registration to weekly classes is binding and continues automatically for the whole season (fall term + spring term). Cancellations should be made with a written notice to office@danceteaminternational.fi before the beginning of the next term. Prices can be found under the prices page on our website. If a class is cancelled by Danceteam, compensation for the cancellation is done primarily through organising a compensatory class. Both terms automatically include dress rehearsal as a billable class for all teams.

All products can be paid online through CheckOut service (all commonly used credit/debit cards, Finnish bank connections and MobilePay), and purchases over 50€ can be paid by invoice also provided by CheckOut  (OP-Lasku).  The OP-Lasku invoice option allows for a payment in several installments. The season is divided into two terms, the fall and spring term. When the spring term is about to be due, a reminder email with a link to the webshop will be sent out to the customer with instructions to proceed with the payment of the spring season. If the complete amount of the payment is not received by the set due date, an invoice with the pending sum will be sent to the customer by Danceteam. This invoice will include a 5€ service fee.  If this payment is late, a reminder will be sent. If the payment is still unpaid after the reminder, the invoice will be sent to Duetto collection service. 

If you’re unable to proceed with the CheckOut payment methods, please contact office@danceteaminternational.fi, and we can agree on another payment method.


Cancellations and return policy

Registration to a weekly class is binding. Cancellations are possible with a written cancellation request to office@danceteaminternational.fi. A one month cancellation period begins from the day the cancellation request has been sent, after which the participation will be cancelled. If the cancellation is done before the end of a term, the remaining classes after the cancellation period has ended will be refunded. The one month cancellation period does not apply if the cancellation is done during the Christmas break between the fall and the spring term.

Registration for workshops and other events is binding and the participation fee will not be returned if the customer decides not to attend the event. Exceptions can be made in case of illness with medical certificate by contacting us through office@danceteaminternational.fi before the event.

In case of physical products, the customer has the right to return the product within 14 days in accordance with the Finnish Consumer Protection Act. The customer is responsible for the payment of the return cost. Product price will be returned to the account provided by the customer when the returned product has arrived. In case of a damaged or incorrect product, DTI will cover the return cost and deliver a compensatory product within reasonable time.

If an event or class is cancelled by DTI, payments will be returned to the account provided by the customer within reasonable time.

Trying and replacing classes

A student can try each class once for free. Registration for a trial class can be found on our home page. Trying a class does not place the customer under any obligation. The free trial is only valid for classes that the student has not attended to before, and can only be used once per class during the season.


If the student can’t attend a class due to sickness or other personal reason, the class can be replaced with another class of the same price. Replacing can be used three times per season (fall/spring) for each class the student has registered to. Replacements should always be separately agreed by sending a message to office@danceteaminternational.fi.


Filming and photography

When entering DTI’s weekly dance classes, shows or other events or programs, the customer acknowledges that DTI has rights to photography, audio, and video recording.

By entering the event premises, the customer consents to interview(s), photography, audio recording, video recording and its/their release, publication, reproduction and use by DTI in all DTI channels (webpage, social media, newsletters) and in marketing. Also DTI employees have the right to use the collected video and photo materials.

By entering the event premises, you waive all rights you may have to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with any use or publication of these materials.


The customer has been fully informed about the video recording and photography terms before entering the event. DTI assures that the material shall not be used in any indiscreet or offensive purpose. If the customer wishes to prohibit filming and photography DURING WEEKLY CLASSES they may do so by writing a request to office@danceteaminternational.fi. The customer also has a right to review and inspect the published video recordings and photo materials and request their removal.


Pupils are not insured for class or events by DTI. In case of classes held as a school afternoon activity the pupils are insured by their school. Otherwise hobbies are normally covered by home insurance. DTI has a liability insurance.


While registering to our classes or events, or buying products through our webshop, your email will be automatically added to our mailing list. The monthly newsletters provide valuable information for our dancers about upcoming events, rehearsals and other happenings. If you don’t want to receive the newsletter, you may unsubscribe through the link provided in the end of the newsletter. Please note that the newsletter is our primary channel of communication about show day schedules and other important information concerning all of our dancers.

Should you have any questions about the terms and conditions, we are happy to help. You can best reach us through office@danceteaminternational.fi. In urgent matters please call to +358 40 1639494.