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Do I have to register for a free trial class?

Even though trial class is free of charge, you must register. This can be done effortlessly on our home page by filling in student’s name, class he or she wishes to try and a contact email. This way we can notify the instructor of the specific class that a new student is coming to try the class.

What should I wear for class?

You should wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and allow you to move freely. Indoor sneakers are strongly recommended for street style classes. Shoes are not needed for show, contemporary and latin classes. Leave big earrings, necklaces and so on outside the class and if you have long  hair, tie it up. You can bring a water bottle to keep hydrated during the class.

How do I pay for the classes?

You can pay either through our online shop or request an invoice. Online payment is the most affordable way to go, as 3€ admin fee is added to all the invoices. 5 and 10 times dance cards and workshop payments are not billed, but must be paid either online or on the spot with card or with cash. 

Where can I buy tickets to events?

Tickets to all of our events can be purchased through our online shop. Find the shop on the menu under “shop”. Tickets are also sold on the event venue on the event day, but we recommend buying them ahead of time as price at the door is usually higher. 

Why are some classes free and others cost?

We work with several different partners to make sure everyone gets a chance to dance. The basic price for weekly class is 7€ per class, but with the help of our partners we can make some of them completely free of charge. Walter Ry sponsors several of the free weekly classes. In addition some schools have decided to support their students’ hobby by paying for the classes, making them free of charge for the students of that specific school. 

Are the class age limits non-negotiable?

Age limits are a guideline to help you find a suitable class. If there is a class for your age of the style you are interested in, please try that class first. If after the trial you feel that you’d like to attend to other age groups’ class instead, please discuss with the teacher first. If both the student and the teacher agree that other class would be more suitable, changing the class is possible. All the classes labelled 16+ are also open for adults. 

How can I cancel my registration?

You can cancel your registration by sending us a written notification to office@danceteaminternational.fi The cancellation should always be made before the next billing term starts. After you make the cancellation, your registration will be valid until the end of the ongoing billing term. You can find more info about the billing terms on the prices page. 

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