Danceteam mission

Our mission is to make dance accessible for everyone, and on that journey we trust in our values: Dance, Teamwork and Integrity. Especially targeting kids and youth from seven years up, we want to make sure everyone gets a change to develop themselves as dancers. 

 We keep our prices affordable and locations numerous through close collaboration with our partner schools and youth centres. Some of our classes are even completely free of charge, thanks to our partner Walter Ry. Partner schools and other organisations get their very own dance teacher who will then provide inspiring dance classes as well as prepare Danceteamers for their first performance. 

International touch

We nurture an international network of dancers with strong Danceteams in FinlandTanzaniaGermanyEngland, IrelandBelgium, Switzerland and Poland with associates and affiliated organisations in many other countries. Having an international, intercultural mind-set is part of our DNA – and something we work hard on imparting on our pupils. 

That we come to you instead of you having to go to a dance studio is not the only aspect that makes us unique. Our network is truly international with English as the official language. The exchange between pupils from different member schools and countries is fostered as one of our founding principles.

danceteam values


Every child, youngster and adult deserves the chance to develop the confidence to dance, perform on stage – and enjoy it! We believe in empowering youth to take responsibility, to lead, to develop their personality and – most importantly – to help each other excel. And with over 10 years of experience the results of our approach have become evident. Our job is to guide our students on their journey in becoming better dancers. 


Strive for excellence in all things, but above all think what you can do for your team. In Danceteam we believe that the “team” aspect of dancing is just as important as the “dance” aspect and that with proper coaching and teamwork anyone can become ready for stage. The vast majority of our dancers go on to perform on big stages to hundreds of people – a result of tight teamwork and the commitment to work as one. “Danceteam feels like home” is a phrase we hear often, and for a good reason!


We believe that no modern organisation should exist without claiming a stake in society. Our daily work is about empowering youth through dance and we believe that the real change happens at grass root level. The principal of integrity is fostered by providing an empowering, inspiring and just environment for our dancers, captains and instructors across the organisation. 

Empowerment and opportunities for growth

One of Danceteam leading principles is to empower our dancers through dance and teamwork. We do this by maintaining a warm and supporting environment in all of our events, and encouraging our dancers to perform and take part in different projects and workshops throughout the year.  It’s our goal to make sure that everybody has an equal chance to develop their skills as leaders and dancers. Through empowering our people, we grow future stars!  

Captains' Program

Our captains are the backbone of our organization. Like any team captain our captains are expected to put in the hours for their team – by working hard on both their dancing and their leadership skills. “Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets; art deserves that, for it and knowledge can raise man to the Divine.” – L. Beethoven.

Our captains are expected to attend special advanced dance classes, workshops and prep classes that challenge them as well as providing tools to develop their dancing skills. In addition to this, captains receive training and support form the management team and instructors throughout the year. 

The ultimate goal is to help a captain develop as a team player, dancer and leader. All our captains are expected to be or grow into leaders of our dance community. Our leadership programme provides the captains with the tools and a forum to develop their skills as leaders.

Junior Instructors' Program

We offer a path to become a Danceteam Instructor for those, who show the necessary commitment and motivation. Many of the captains are promoted to be junior instructors after their leadership and dance level has improved sufficiently. However, a young dancer can become a junior instructor without being a captain first, if he or she shows the motivation and skills required.

We provide junior instructors training program, to guide our young dancers though the process of becoming instructors and starting to teach their own team. In addition to collective training sessions, we have one on one meetings with junior instructors to provide support and guidance throughout the process. Having grown from within Danceteam, these new instructors know our values by heart and are committed to share the Danceteam spirit to their own students.


Free and supported classes

We work with several schools, youth centres and other partners to make sure everyone gets a chance to dance. Our long time partner Walter ry sponsors several weekly classes that are completely free of charge and some of our partner schools have decided to support their students by providing free of charge Danceteam classes at the the school in the afternoons. You can find the free and supported classes in our schedule marked with yellow. 

In addition to the above, we also work in cooperation with Helsinki City, by being one of their partners in EasySport, FunAction and NYT sports weekly activities. With an affordable annual card, kids and youth can attend to a wide variety of different sports, wellbeing and dance classes.


In addition to free and supported classes, we wish to support young and talented dancers with annual scholarships for selected students. The application period for the upcoming season is during July and August each year and decisions are made in August by the management team. 3-6 scholarships are given out per year and they can be used to all of Danceteam classes, including competition teams. Scholarships are given to students who

  • are 12-20 years old
  • have been part of Danceteam for at least a year
  • are goal-oriented and train dance actively at least 3h per week
  • show good example to other dancers in class, and bring positive vibe and motivation to the team
  • promote Danceteam values – Dance, Teamwork and Integrity. 

Workout classes and wellbeing days for companies

Behind every organisation’s success, there is a great bunch of motivated and well being employees. We bring energetic group workout classes and fun dance classes to your company every week, and organise relaxing wellbeing days in cultural centre Sähinä in Lauttasaari. Let’s get together and plan a program that brings a smile to your employees face!

For more info and requests for an offer to

“It has been wonderful to get a proper sweaty workout class after the work day and to focus only on myself!”

“If this dance class didn’t exist, I would probably not have started moving at all. So it’s also a win for the employer in a form of an energised employee!”

“The course has been exactly what I was looking for: learning to take care of my body, developing the control, stretching… The instructor is amazing and always takes our needs and wishes into account during the classes.”

“Happy, motivating and professional dance classes with a great attitude. These classes have given me so much positive energy for the spring season!”