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Dream Team Finland

– Meet our rockstars –


Dance Instructors


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Workout Instructors

Dance Instructors

Hi, I'm Anna Afanasyeva

I’m a dancer and dance teacher from Belarus, living in Finland. I’ve been dancing since 2011, and have tried out various different styles all the way from locking and popping to afro and contemporary. My focus has been on street styles with my main styles being hiphop and old school. I have also competed in the Street SM with Danceteam and dance group Shameless. As an instructor my main goal is to create an inspiring and safe environment for everyone, and to encourage kids and teens to be themselves and to do their best both in class and on stage.

Hi, I'm Anniina Tammi

I studied dance for three years at the Western Finland College (Länsi-Suomen Opisto) and Lapland Sports Institute (Lapin Urheiluopisto) and graduated as a professional dancer in 2016. My dance styles are contemporary dance and all its forms, including floorwork, improvisation, composition, contact impro, butoh and performance art. I have also danced show dance, break dance and West-African dance. In addition to dance I’m also involved in circus arts, and my passion is to combine contemporary circus with different dance techniques. I teach contemporary dance and show dance. My dance classes are focused on technique, but also exercises based on improvisation and free movement are used as a tools in creation. It’s important for me to bring out the best in each individual as a dancer, as well as a create strong and inspiring atmosphere within the group.

Hello, I'm Anna Häkkinen

I started working for Danceteam International in the fall 2018. I have graduated as a professional dancer in 2015 (Munich/Germany). After that I have worked as a freelance artist and as a dance teacher. I taught my first classes 10 years ago and at the moment I am teaching classical ballet, contemporary dance and street dance. As a freelance artist I’m mostly working with contemporary dance and physical theatre. 

Hi, I'm Godwin "Gody" Otieno

Hey I’m  Godwin Otieno commonly known as Gody, a Kenyan born performing artist and choreographer. I have over 10 years of experience in the field of arts and culture in various styles, as I would say from ‘street to treat’. I have studied dance and didactics in renowned dance schools and dance projects in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Netherlands, which gained me the experience I needed to venture into the creative world. I’m quite diverse in my trade but I mostly major in; afro-house, afrobeat, African traditional, afro contemporary, funk/hip hop, contemporary and house.

Hi, I'm Henna Räsänen

Hi! My name is Henna. I am a dancer and mover. I work mainly with contemporary and street styles as a teacher, dancer, and choreographer, also as a yoga instructor. As a teacher I want to create versatile and fun exercises to help my students develop and use their body in various ways. In the classes I encourage my students to practice hard, without forgetting the good mood that dance creates. At the moment I am into researching floor techniques, and human interaction in dance as well as combining different art forms together.

Hello, I'm Julia Nurmio

I started dancing at a young age and I’ve gained experience in different areas of dance throughout the years. I’ve studied dance and dance pedagogics in Juste Debout (Paris) and in Stockholm University of Arts among other places. I work mainly with contemporary and street styles as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher.  As a teacher I’m demanding and motivating, while paying attention to the individuals and challenging them to grow. My classes have positive and active vibe, and I focus on creating a good and motivating team spirit and environment. Throughout the years I’ve taught teams from beginners to advanced and from kids to adults. My strength as a teacher is the understanding of body and movement developed through my broad experience in different dance styles.

Hi, I'm Nora Luoto

I love to dance and move, and I have several different dance styles in my repertoire. Due to my circus background, acrodance is my main style. In addition I also dance show dance, street styles, salsa, reggaeton, ballet and contemporary, and mixing elements of different dance styles is one of the things you’ll see in my classes.
I have graduated from Turku university of applied sciences as a performing circus artist. As I’m
professional in circus, I like to include acrobatics and other tricks in my dance. I want to challenge my students to have fun, to learn new dance moves and tricks and to enjoy in my classes. You all are warmly welcome to join!

Hi, my name is Maria Lehto

Maria Lehto dance teacher

My dance journey started at the age of seven when my mom took me to my first ballet class and I’d say to was love at first step! After several years in classical ballet and gymnastics I decided to broaden my repertoire and started to take on other styles as well: street styles, contemporary, show, latin styles, afro… I can’t seem to be able to choose just one! During the last five years my main styles have been contemporary and latin styles. Last year I completed my studies in dance pedagogics to be able to offer the best possible classes to my students.

Hello, I'm Linda Uusihakala

I started teaching at Danceteam in 2012, and since then I have taught a wide variety of groups of all ages. As a dancer hip hop was my first love, followed by other street styles and contemporary. I have also gained some competition experience in national competitions in both street dance and performing arts, and I’ve had the privilege to be a part of a few successful teams. As a dance teacher I am positive and encouraging, and aim to create a fun and supportive atmosphere for my students to work hard, but also let go and enjoy the movement!

Hi, I'm Gerli Ridal

Dancing has been part of my life since I can remember. Through the years the passion for dance has grown and dance has become a lifestyle to me. I have learned various styles and it is my goal to improve myself as a dancer and a teacher constantly. I love my job and I feel truly thankul that I can share my passion with kids on daily basis. As an dance instructor I am motivational, encouraging and with my positive energy through the classes I will spread the love and passion for dance, because there is nothing more enjoyable! I find that teaching dance and sharing my knowledge is a great way to inspire people and enjoy the art of dance.

Hi, my name is Ella Enqvist

I’m a jazz, modern and commercial dancer, educated at Stockholm University of the Arts as a dance pedagogue. Regardless of age or level, I want to guide my students to increased body awareness and to inspire them to find joy through dance and movement. In addition to technique and joy, expression is one of my keywords in dance. 

Hello, I'm Emmi Luoto

I dance several different styles and I want to challenge my students to improve. I aim to create an environment of growth and bring them the joy of learning new. Im my classes not everything needs to be very serious, but the main thing is that we have fun and that the students get to enjoy the joy of learning and being part of the group. My classes are energetic and versatile, and as a teacher I am cheerful and supporting. Welcome to my classes!

Hello, I'm Janina Taurinen

I’ve been dancing different street styles for about seven years. Later, five or six years ago, I went into contemporary class and it completely stole my heart. I love contemporary and show dance especially when mixed with street vibes. I think it’s the best way to get to express your feelings. I adapt the way I teach according to the students in my class. The things in common with all my classes is the positive energy and the aspiration to find the new levels of creating, creativity and movement.

Hi, I'm Gaby Ooi

Moikka! Olen Gaby, helsinkiläistaustainen tanssija. Tanssi on ollut nuoresta asti lähellä sydäntä ja se on melkein kuin elämäntapa! Olen opettanut satunnaisesti nuoresta saakka nuorisotaloissa ja viime vuonna ensimmäistä kertaa tanssikoulussa. Treenaan aktiivisesti muutamassa eri kokoonpanossa, ja saavutuksiini kuuluu esim. SOTY Dancer of the Year kunniamaininta 2018. Tanssikokemuksiini kuuluu commercialin lisäksi k-pop eli korealainen pop, ja otan paljon inspiraatiota korealaisesta tanssikulttuurista. Commercial-tunneillani tehdään pääasiassa koreografiaa, mutta tärkeintä on tulla nauttimaan. Opettajana painotan paljon esiintymistä ja fiilistelyä, ja tahdon kannustaa oppilaitani heittäytymään. 

Tervetuloa tunneille!

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Hi, my name is Saara Saturo

I’ve been dancing almost my whole life and teaching almost half of it, over 10 years with Danceteam International. I teach different street dance styles, African dance, Afro fusion, contemporary dance, kids classes and body control classes. I’m also RYT200 yoga instructor graduated from Africa Yoga Project in 2017. As a teacher I aim to be inspiring and want to make sure each student is enjoying and progressing. I want everyone in my classes to feel welcome and free to express themselves.

Hi, my name is Heidi Laakso

Dance has belonged to my life as long as I can remember. After ending a ten-year-long figure skating career, I started to get more and more involved in dance. Since then I have performed and choreographed for musicals, music videos and different shows, in addition to studying dance pedagogy. This will be my fifth year of teaching at DTI. My key priority as a teacher is to create safe and encouraging atmosphere, where everyone is recognized as an individual. In addition to technique and choreography, I emphasize the mind-body connection and finding your own unique way of dancing.

Hi, I'm Edwin "Edu" Mokaya

I come from Kenya, where I have managed to reach a position as one of the country’s most valued professional male dancers. I have wide experience in different dance styles from contemporary to variety of african dances, both traditional and modern. I have also danced, performed and created productions with many african and international dance crews, such as YAWA Dance Company, International Dance Theatre of Netherlands and Danceteam International. As a teacher I inspire and encourage everyone to give their all, but not forgetting to smile. I’m enthusiastic and energetic teacher and I wish my students to enjoy dance with their entire body and mind.

Hello, I'm Khoa Nguyen

I’m from Saigon, Vietnam and I’ve been dancing from when I was 12 years old. I started choreographing at age of 17 and have been doing it ever since. I like to combine elements from different dance styles, my favourites being popping and hip hop. In my classes we focus on technique, sharpness, and every student’s own flow and movement through short choreographies. This way the students get a chance to see themselves in a different perspective. I’m a demanding teacher and want to see my students push themselves. I also expect a lot from myself and like to share my knowledge and skills forward, while encouraging my students to train persistently. 

Junior Instructors

Sikujua Mponda
Johanna Jimeno
Ada Pääskysaari
Janina Taurinen
Naomi Adaba
Sara Rossat
Tiia Fredriksson
Martta Saari

 As one of our goals is to empower our young and talented dancers to get their first employment, most of our junior instructors have grown from Danceteam and know our values by heart. We support them on their journey from a dancer to junior instructor, and for most of them some day to a full instructor status.

Workout Instructors

Catrin Kaitaro
Diana Reinsalu
Vera Isoaho
Eliisa Kerminen

Danceteam offers weekly workout classes and separately agreed wellbeing days to different organisations in Helsinki region. Our instructors bring classes like Kettlebell, Fatburn, Yoga, Neck&Back, Body Control and Functional training to your company, without the need to travel any further!

A big bunch of motivated Captains

Captains are in the core of Danceteam, making us what we truly are. Being a captain of a team is an honor that many of the students receive with great joy. Our captains create a crucial part of Danceteam by facilitating the communication with teams, helping instructors with daily tasks and most importantly, keeping up the Danceteam spirit! 

Our resourceful management team

Anna Afanasyeva, COO

Karina Mokha, COO

Hery Henry, 

Chairman of the Board