In the spotlight: Glo’

In the spotlight: Glo’

We’re honoured to have Glo’ teaching two house workshops in our Urban Styles Workshop week! Read on to find out what she has planned for you and sign up for the week. 

Who are you and what do you do?  My name’ s Glo’, I come from Sardinia (Italy) and I’m a member of “The House Dance Project” and the “Sarda Family Crew”. I’m just a dreamer who’s trying to make people fall in love with house dance, house music, dance culture and dancing in general sharing her love, passion and personal experience about it.

What made you want start dancing?
I’ve always loved music and dancing since I was a child, but because I practiced artistic gymnastic from 6 to 16 years old, I only took my first dance class when I was around 20 years old. It happened by chance when I was living a very bad time and it changed everything. After almost 20 years I can say it was probably written in destiny, something I have always had inside of me that was just waiting the right moment to come out.
What or who inspires you? Why? 
As dancer, music come first. It’s the door that allows the soul to reach the body, deeply connect with it and use it to come out and to express itself, its feelings and its true nature.
As human being I get inspired by life, nature, and my personal experiences like the people I meet in my life journey, especially the ones who have the strenght and courage to follow their dreams and are working hard in order to accomplish them.
What makes your signature style?
Floorwork is my strong point, it is defenitely what the people remember about me the most.
Energy, strenght and passion!
Why should people attend to your workshop?
Because they will learn a lot, work hard and have a ton of fun at the same time.
Because they will finish the class all sweaty but with a big smile in their faces.
Because House is a feeling that I will show and make them feel it!!!



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