In the spotlight: Josefiina Kotajärvi

In the spotlight: Josefiina Kotajärvi

One of our Urban Styles Workshop Week teachers is Josefiina Kotajärvi, teaching a commercial workshop! Read how she answered our questions and sign up for the week. 

Who are you and what do you do? I’m a 22 year old dancer/dance teacher from Tampere, currently living in Helsinki. I teach weekly classes in Helsinki and Tampere and have workshops around Finland. 

What made you want to start dancing? I did ballet as a kid and then switched into football. Later on my school teacher encouraged me to start dancing again and I got hooked again. I love the way I get to express myself through music and movement and that’s why I love it! 

What or who inspires you? Why? Other people and myself. Seeing myself improve inspires me to get better and seeing other dancers be unique and themselves. Also success and failure. Being good inspires me to be better and failures and weaknesses inspire me to overcome those and work more! 

What makes your signature style? I try to be my unique self as much as possible. I love to combine different styles of dance and use musicality as a big part of my dancing! 

Why should people attend your workshop? Come and have fun! Challenge yourself, work on your own style, perform, laugh, improve and just simply come DANCE!



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