In the spotlight: Marta Jorits

In the spotlight: Marta Jorits

Marta is one of our June workshop week teachers, giving a heels workshop! Read what she tells about herself and her style and sign up for the week. 

Who are you and what do you do?

If I would need to say briefly then I would say – I am a traveldancer, who is also a mother and wife. All my life turns around dancing – as I teach, run the dance studio, run dancers agency – and I do it weekly in two countries (Est & Fin). But also I spend lot of my time to travel worldwide – taking as much classes as I can, teach by myself, improve my skills and make connections with other dancers. Lately I have traveldanced to US (LA, Las Vegas, NYC etc); Siberia; Stockholm; etc. I have been a gogo performer in Ibiza for two summer and gogo-dancing in a professional way is something that I teach and do with my agency in many clubs.

My main styles that I am teaching are Latin ballroom (samba, chacha, jive, rumba), Heels (urban, sensual, latin etc), Showdance, Go-Go. But I am and always will be a dance student as well because my goal is to learn as much new styles as possible.

What made you want start dancing?

As a kid I practiced ballroom. It was my mom who wanted me to start with it and I cannot be more grateful for that. Later after small break I felt that dancing is something that I need in my life so I did cheerleading during my puberty times. In the age of 20s when I moved to Finland I really fell into a dancing again, because I found myself in unfamiliar environment and I felt that dancing might be something that help me adjust to new country. I started first 2-3 per week with small group and now from this small group we have built a big studio that is a “second” home to many Estonians, but also for many other nationalities.

I think the passion within made me want start dancing. I feel broken if there is no dancing in my life. Cannot live even the day without it. As far I remember I have identified myself always as a dancer.

What or who inspires you? Why?

I am inspired by hardworking people who really go for their dreams (doesn’t matter in what area). I am inspired by dancers who empower other dancers or their students and I am inspired by women who do the same. What really inspires me is when women is a mother and a husband, at the same time a hardworking goaldigger who empowers people around her. I am surrounded by many this kind of persons and in my hard times they are the ones who really inspire me. And ofcourse there are many dancers worldwide who inspire me to get a better dancer.

What makes your signature style?

I believe feminine feeling is something that I always have in my style and in my choreos. This is why mainly I teach styles that are meant for women. I want my students to really enjoy themselves while they are dancing and let all the fears and insecurities go. I want them to open their feminine side and feel confident in whatever shape or in whatever level. Sometimes this feminine feeling is more sensual (sensual heels for example), sometimes more powerful (urban heels for example) and sometimes more sassy (latin heels). So I never make choreos by making just moves, but I always have there some feeling inside, that comes from the song or from the message in the song.

I would say that technique is not that important for me as the feeling that students get when they leave from the class.  I want people to enjoy the class and compete with themselves not with others.

Why should people attend to your workshop?

In my opinion people should always attend in different workshops and classes because every time you learn something new and if you take classes from various teachers your improvement is much bigger that taking same amount of classes from one teacher. This is why I love workshopweeks and traveldancing! But I would say that in my class we don’t work just with skills, but do some inside job as well, because in my everyday work as a teacher I see a lot how much “luggage” everybody has with them in the classes and they are fighting their fights through the dance, because it gives them strength, self-beliefe and self-confidence.


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