In the spotlight: Nelody and the con(FUSION) concept

In the spotlight: Nelody and the con(FUSION) concept

This weekend you’re in for a treat: Nelody from Danceteam Germany is back with her con(FUSION) workshop. But what is it all about?

Based in Berlin, Nelody Ahlroth is a real Danceteam veteran: she has been a part of our dance family almost since day one. Now she leads Danceteam Germany alongside numerous creative projects, like a dance film production filmed in Iran at the end of last year, and a children’s dance theatre piece, only to mention a few. “I’m a maker; I like to create things, with and without dance”, she says, “and I do that a lot.”

Nelody describes herself as a “gypsy” both in terms of geographical places to call home and in the field of performing arts. As a creator, maker and artist she draws influences from several different dance styles and art forms. But when it comes to sources of inspiration, music has always been number one: “Not only right now, but always, and every day.”

It is from this mishmash of different influences, guided by the love for music, where the con(FUSION) concept is born. Nelli, please eplain! “Well, it is definitely urban. And definitely contemporary. Sometimes something else, too. Urban contemporary fusion. I like calling it conFUSION“, she says. A combination of contemporary floor work and elements of breakdance, as well as different techniques adapted from various street dance styles, urban contemporary fusion offers new perspectives for dancing.

So who is the conFUSION workshop for? Anyone with at least a year of dance experience, with an open mind and a an interest in exploring movement, and a desire to simply dance it out. “After all, we have to remember why we dance – for the love of music and movement and the moments we live through them.”

Awesome cover pic shot by Sarah Janike! Find her on instagram @sarahjanike

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