In the spotlight: P-Soul

In the spotlight: P-Soul

This summer we’ll have P-Soul in Finland, teaching not one but two workshops in our workshop week! Read what he’s all about and sign up for the week. 

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is P-Soul from 611 City, leader of the crew 1st Cut and international movement artist since 2005 based on the values of Hip Hop & Social Dance Culture.

What made you want to start dancing?
There was no „wanting“ for me. It was a natural process. My mother used to jam to Lambada in the living room, when I was inside her stomach, my sister was a ballet and jazz dancer since I grew up and the influence of based army soldiers and b-boys in my city and my friends from back in the days did the rest. I just went with the flow.

What or who inspires you? Why?
Nature. Mechanics. Courage. Books. Rap. Conversations. I think dance is also a form of natural process. The more I explore it the more I understand is that there is nothing I can force in it. The lead drops when it drops and the fledgling hatches when it hatches…Mechanics because it follows a certain order and physical pattern which is also something natural. The rest are just things that I like or motivate me to move.

What makes your signature style?
Groovin technically. High contrast of different energies. Different characters & Attitudes

Why should people attend your workshops?
Because I will make you laugh more than one time, you will learn more than two things and you will enjoy yourself more than three times 🙂
Plus I did my homework in didactic and pedagogical methods.


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