Heigh ho, heigh ho! Our teams make a memorable appearance at street dance competitions this spring

Heigh ho, heigh ho! Our teams make a memorable appearance at street dance competitions this spring

Giggles at late night practices, sewing funny hats and getting up for early morning flights – all a part of the life of a competition teamer. After a season of hard work, our street showcase team and street juniors team made their way to the Show of the Year competition in Helsinki and street dance national championships in Rovaniemi.

All the hard work our competition teams have put in this season was finally put to the test a few weeks ago in the Show of the Year -competition in Helsinki, and again last weekend as they took the trip all the way to Rovaniemi to take part in this year’s street dance national championships. Lead by two genius choreographers Henna Räsänen and Julia Nurmio, our showcase team took the stage with a performance titled “The Seven Dwarves”, a Snow White-themed showcase. The laughter- and cheer-enducing showcase danced by our dedicated performers (/dwarves) Maria, Anna, Johanna, Matilda, Yeni, Joanna and Linda earned the team 9th place in the finals in Show of the Year, and 8th place in the national semifinals in some awe-inspiring company. Way to go!

Our junior street crew Sarah, Sofia, Armi, Emmi, Juho, Polina and Julia, some of which were competing for the first time, made an energetic debut at the street dance nationals in Rovaniemi after a season of coaching by Julia Nurmio and Linda Uusihakala. Judging by what we saw, we just know this wasn’t the last we’ll hear of them, and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next time!

Want to watch these teams perform and see for yourself? Don’t miss our Annual Awards Gala on the 30th of May at the Helsinki Hall of Culture!

Did following the journey of our competition teams make you feel a little tingly and excited, like maybe you would like to train more intensively and develop your skills in competition teams too? Watch this space – we will hold auditions for next season’s teams in August. Come join!

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