Prices for season 2018-2019

The prices below are for weekly classes when registering for the season 2018-2019. Discounts apply when one student has more than one weekly class. For more than 3 weekly classes we recommend the anytime option.

One class per week*


* 8,75€ for 75min classes and 10,5€ for 90min classes

Two classes per week


discount from total amount

Three classes per week


discount from total amount



per week for unlimited amount of dance classes

Dance cards

Our 5 and 10 times cards given you the freedom to take a dance class when ever it suits you the best. This way you’ll only pay for the classes you can attend and no more. We recommend this option if you can’t commit to a weekly class. Cards are available for everyone above the age or 16 years and can be used to all of our weekly classes. 60min cards are also valid for 75min classes. You will not get a physical card but the attendance will be marked by the respective teachers. When you have used all the classes, you are expected to buy a new card if you wish to keep attending to the classes. In case you perform as part of a group in our shows, dress rehearsal will be marked in the attendance list as one used class.

60mins class cards can only be used for classes of 60 and/or 75 minutes. 90mins class cards can only be used for classes of 90mins. When a card is purchased, the money will not be returned. In case of serious illness or other reason preventing you to attend the classes, the card can be transferred to another dancer. This should always be agreed separately by contacting office@danceteaminternational.com. A card can only be transferred once.

Terms for spring 2019

Registration for weekly classes is valid until the end of the season (May 2019) and any cancellations should be made before the start of the next term. Spring 2019 terms are following:

Term 3: weeks 2-12 (7.1.-22.3.) excluding winter holiday on week 8

Term 4: weeks 13-21 (25.3.-26.5.) including dress rehearsal fee 7€ 


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