conFUSION workshop by Nelody Ahlroth

Nelli will be back in Finland with her conFUSIONconcept in October! Two days of movement, exploration and good vibes on 19.-20.10.2019. This way all the participants have the chance to really get in touch with the concept and most importantly with their own movement and dance.

In one participant’s words about another one of Nelody’s workshops last year: “Oli aivan huippua ja juuri sitä, mitä sieluni on kaivannut pitkään, eli ihanassa ja myötätuntoisessa ilmapiirissä yhdessä tanssimista. Sain paljon kotiinviemistä ja inspiraatiota.”

Cultural centre Sähinä (Heikkiläntie 10, Lauttasaari)
Date & time:
Saturday 19.10. 13.00-16.00  (3h) and Sunday 20.10. 13.00-15.00 (2h).
before 1.10.2019: 35€ for full weekend (5h) / 20€ for Saturday only (3h)

after 31.9.2019: 45€ for full weekend (5h) / 25€ for Saturday only (3h)

on the spot on 19.10. (cash, card, or Smartum): 50€ for full weekend / 30€ for Saturday only



“My philosophy is pretty simple: after all, it is about dance, movement, feeling and expression, regardless of a certain style or trend. This is the era of ‘crossgenre’ and the inspiration we can draw on from ‘the unknown’ is endless. We don’t have to be able to name or label everything directly – at least not art.” -Nelody

Nelody’s urban contemporary fusion, also known as conFUSION, is a mixture inspired by urban and contemporary dance. Class starts with a gentle but energizing warm up activating both body and mind. Exercises based on improvisation, various grooves, release technique and somatic movement warm up the body and wake up the mind. Through contemporary floor work exercises mixed with elements of breakdance and different isolations dancers get to challenge their stamina, strength and coordination skills. Different techniques adapted from various street dance styles are being introduced and trained to offer new perspectives for dancing and expand the different intensities and qualities of movement. Nelody lays a lot of emphasis on change of energy, musicality and so-called ‘groundedness’; that allow the body to open up and be ready to switch quickly from one movement quality to another. She uses freestyle-based tasks in her classes so that the participants to learn and experiment new opportunities – and also just to “dance it out” and to get closer to freestyling, playing and expressing.
Nelody’s personal interest lies in storytelling, musicality and individual movement language. She does lots of research by using improvisation tasks while composing her choreographies and while teaching she offers everyone the freedom to explore movement and the connection to one’s body and the space around.

“After all, we have to remember why we dance – for the love of music and movement and the moments we live through them.” -Nelody

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Full weekend (5h), Saturday only (3h)