Funk Styles

Thursdays 18:00-19:00 in Cultural Centre Sähinä, 3rd floor (Heikkiläntie 10, Lauttasaari)

This groovy, funky and energetic class that will certainly brighten up your whole week! Our Funk Styles class takes several different techniques such as popping, locking, waving, gliding and boogaloo and combines these funky styles with other street dance elements to make up an entertaining and wholesome dance experience. You will be learning the technique while having fun and getting your groove on! The classes are open level, and are suitable for everyone from 13 years up, regardless of previous dance experience. Funk Styles is also a great class to pair with your weekly street classes.

Fall season 2020 starts on 20th August.



Instructor: Gody

“Hey I’m  Godwin Otieno commonly known as Gody, a Kenyan born performing artist and choreographer. I have over 10 years of experience in the field of arts and culture in various styles, as I would say from ‘street to treat’. I have studied dance and didactics in renowned dance schools and dance projects in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Netherlands, which gained me the experience I needed to venture into the creative world. I’m quite diverse in my trade but I mostly major in; afro-house, afrobeat, African traditional, afro contemporary, funk/hip hop, contemporary and house.”

This registration is valid until the end of the dance year (May). If you join the classes in August-December, this  payment covers classes for the fall season and you’ll get a payment link to your email in beginning of January to proceed with the payment for the spring season. If you join in January or later, this payment covers all the classes up to the end of the dance year (May) and no additional payment is needed. In case you wish to pay in several smaller instalments  you can do so by selecting the OP Lasku or Collector service during checkout. Cancellation is possible with one months notice to