Hip Hop Small Group

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Hip Hop Small Group

Tuesdays at 17.00-18.00, Lauttasaari, cultural centre Sähinä (Heikkiläntie 10) 

Hip Hop Small Group consists of 7 people max. The group practices for Show of the Year (3.5.2020) and National Street dance Championships (15-17.5.2020). Every 3rd week will be guided by Julia, other weeks independent training with the group according to instructions given. (two guided weekly practices in the fall season will last 2h, from 16.00 to 18.00. The exact weeks will be agreed together with the selected group). Additional mandatory class for hip hop small group is Street Masterclass on Mondays 18.30-20.00 in Lauttasaari, cultural centre Sähinä (Heikkiläntie 10). Weekend practices are Saturday 7.9.2019 at 11.00-14.00 plus one Saturday in the spring season, the date will be agreed later on.

First practice will take place on 10.9.2019

Price for Hip Hop Small Group is 350€ for fall season and 350€ for spring season. The costs include all the weekly competition team trainings, Street Masterclasses for the full year and all weekend practices. Competition fees, travel expenses and clothes/shoes etc are not included in the prices.


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Instructor: Julia Nurmio

“I started dancing at a young age and I’ve gained experience in different areas of dance throughout the years. I’ve studied dance and dance pedagogics in Juste Debout (Paris) and in Stockholm University of Arts among other places. I work mainly with contemporary and street styles as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher.  As a teacher I’m demanding and motivating, while paying attention to the individuals and challenging them to grow. My classes have positive and active vibe, and I focus on creating a good and motivating team spirit and environment. Throughout the years I’ve taught teams from beginners to advanced and from kids to adults. My strength as a teacher is the understanding of body and movement developed through my broad experience in different dance styles.

This registration is valid until May 2020, and the current payment covers classes for the fall season. We will send you a payment link in beginning of January to proceed with the payment for the spring season. If you wish to pay in several smaller installments, you can do so by selecting the OP Lasku or Collector service during checkout. Cancellation is possible with one months notice to office@danceteaminternational.fi

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