Merirasti Kids Street

Mondays 16.00-17.00 (Merirasti Youth Centre, Jaluspolku 3, Helsinki)

These classes are for 1-6 graders. In the classes students get to learn the basics of street dance styles, mainly based on hip hop. Some influences from afro styles can also be used. Classes consist of warm up, different games and musicality and technique as well as short choreographies. The main thing is to have fun together with the team and to enjoy dance and movement!  Classes are taught in Finnish/English.

This class is free of charge (sponsored by Walter Ry)

Fall season 2020 starts on 17th August



Instructor: Anna Afanasyeva

“I’m a dancer and dance teacher from Belarus, living in Finland. I’ve been dancing since 2011, and have tried out various different styles all the way from locking and popping to afro and contemporary. My focus has been on street styles with my main styles being hiphop and old school. I have also competed in the Street SM with Danceteam and dance group Shameless. As an instructor my main goal is to create an inspiring and safe environment for everyone, and to encourage kids and teens to be themselves and to do their best both in class and on stage.”

The registration is valid until the end of the dance year (May)