Pitsku Street Dance

Thursdays 16:00-17:00 (Pitäjänmäki Youth Centre, Jousipolku 1 C 2, Helsinki)

Elements from hiphop and other street styles are combined in this class, with an addition of contemporary dance and floor technique. Besides dancing the students will learn how to work in a group and as a team. Each student will get individual attention from the teacher so that everyone is seen and heard in the class. Everyone has talent – my job is to find that and make it flourish! Classes are taught in Finnish.

This class is free of charge (sponsored by Walter Ry)


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Instructor: Anna Häkkinen

“I started working for Danceteam International in the fall 2018. I have graduated as a professional dancer in 2015 (Munich/Germany). After that I have worked as a freelance artist and as a dance teacher. I taught my first classes 10 years ago and at the moment I am teaching classical ballet, contemporary dance and street dance. As a freelance artist I’m mostly working with contemporary dance and physical theatre.”

This registration is valid until May 2020