Popping & Waacking

Thursday 17.00-18.00, cultural centre Sähinä, 3rd floor (Heikkiläntie 10, Lauttasaari) 


Biweekly alternating popping and waacking classes.

First lesson on the 22.8.2019



Instructor: Ronja Jansson (popping) and Emmi Mikkilä (waacking)

“My name is Ronja, I’m from Sweden but moved almost one year ago to Helsinki. I’m a dancer, learning everyday still, always a student. But I’m also here to share. I laugh and smile a lot! At first, dancing was just the last resort to go to in high school. Slowly but surely it turned into a lifestyle. Now I can’t imagine being without it. I will give you tools that you can use also after the class, so you can continue practising and stay inspired. We’ll share also a lot of laughter together, and don’t be afraid to ask questions! If you are curious about what popping is, come join the class!”

“Hi, I’m Emmi! I’ve been dancing since I took my first dance steps at a ballet class at the age of 4. As I grew older I went to jazz, show and contemporary classes, but it was hip hop that really stole my heart. After finishing high school I decided to learn what hip hop culture and steert dance styles are really about and moved to London. I’ve trained in various styles but felt like I can really express myself through hip hop and waacking. I really wish to give my students a strong base in dance and then set them free.”

This registration is valid until May 2020, and the current payment covers classes for the fall season. We will send you a payment link in beginning of January to proceed with the payment for the spring season. If you wish to pay in several smaller installments, you can do so by selecting the OP Lasku or Collector service during checkout. Cancellation is possible with one months notice to office@danceteaminternational.fi