Porolahti Fundance


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Porolahti Fundance

Tuesdays 15.15-16.00 in Porolahden peruskoulu (Satumaanpolku 2, 00820 Helsinki)

These classes are for 1-3 graders. The students get to learn some basic steps and tricks through games and exercises. My main goal is to make the students feel like they can move to the music however it feels natural and really feel it. Just feel the music and dance your heart out!

Tunnit pidetään juhlasalissa. Ohjaaja hakee oppilaat ala-asteen puolelta (Roihuvuorentie 2) juhlasalin edestä ennen tuntia, ja ryhmä kulkee yhdessä tien toiselle puolelle kentän poikki Satumaanpolun toimipisteen saliin.

First lesson on the 20.8.2019

This registration is valid until May 2020, and the current payment covers classes for the fall season. We will send you a payment link in beginning of January to proceed with the payment for the spring season. If you wish to pay in several smaller installments, you can do so by selecting the OP Lasku service during checkout. Cancellation is possible with one months notice to office@danceteaminternational.fi



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Instructor: Johanna Jimeno

Hello! I’m Johanna, commonly known as JJ or Jay. Before I started dancing, I was in competitive cheerleading as a base (so the person who hauls other humans up in the air) which gave me a strong and acrobatic foundation and the transition to dance was easy. I’ve always loved moving to any kind of music really and as a child of a Cuban musician, music and dance was prominent in my life since the beginning. I mostly dance street and latin styles but have also tried eg. contemporary and hope to learn it more.

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