SVK Fundance

Thursdays 13:40-14:25 at Suomalais-Venäläinen Koulu (Pelimannintie 16 00420. Helsinki)

Children learn the best in a playful way. In this class, we explore the dance through play and improvisation and in that way, we also learn dance technique. We practice space perception, body control and to memorize choreographies. The most important in this class is to enjoy and to feel secure. Regardless of previous experiences, everybody is welcome to express themselves through the dance. This class is inspired by elements from the street genre such as foot work, grooves, waves, spins on knees or feet, and coordination.

The class is held in the C building, classroom 6C.


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Instructor: Ella Enqvist

“I’m a jazz, modern and commercial dancer, educated at Stockholm University of the Arts as a dance pedagogue. Regardless of age or level, I want to guide my students to increased body awareness and to inspire them to find joy through dance and movement. In addition to technique and joy, expression is one of my keywords in dance. “

This registration is valid until the end of the dance year (May). If you join the classes in August-December, this  payment covers classes for the fall season and you’ll get a payment link to your email in beginning of January to proceed with the payment for the spring season. If you join in January or later, this payment covers all the classes up to the end of the dance year (May) and no additional payment is needed. In case you wish to pay in several smaller instalments  you can do so by selecting the OP Lasku or Collector service during checkout. Cancellation is possible with one months notice to