Spring term payment

Online payment for spring classes has now ended. If you haven’t paid yet, you’ll receive an invoice to your email. Happy dancing!

Here you can complete your payment for the spring season 2020 dance classes. This payment is only for students who have already participated our classes at fall 2019 and wish to continue. Please select you class(es), fill in your info and proceed to checkout. If you wish to add a class to your weekly schedule, you can select it here as well. The cart automatically calculates a discount if you pay for multiple classes. 

Please note that you can earn a 10% discount from the full spring season if you invite a friend to join! 

If your friend joins our weekly classes and mentioned your name while registering, you’ll be sent a 10% discount code! You’re friend can benefit as well, using the code “newmember” in the checkout they also get 10% off. The offer is valid until 13.1.2020, so to get the discount, make sure your friend registered before that.