Our Annual Awards Gala rewards Danceteamers for their hard work, team spirit and dedication each year. One of our awards is Video of the Year, a category that has brought some amazing productions from our teams throughout the years. This year the category is back with a new theme: UNITY. Here’s how you can participate and win a special prize with your team!

Who can participate?

This year you can participate with anyone! Submit a solo or duo project or get a whole team involved, everything is allowed! You do not need any expensive equipment to film the video, phone camera and editing apps like iMovie work perfectly well. 

What is the theme?

UNITY – what does it mean to you? Teamwork, empathy, togetherness… Tell us why it matters. How can you express it in a dance video? Make up a story or let the music speak for itself; the sky is the limit, but no text is allowed in the video – the dancing should do the talking.

How long should the video be?

As much as we would love to see a Danceteam dance movie, we must limit the length to 1-3 minutes.

All videos will be premiered and the winning video will be chosen at our Moments show on 29.5. The videos will also be uploaded on the Danceteam Youtube channel.

Need some inspiration? Check out our Video of the Year nominees from 2018 here!

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